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    Renewable Energy Theses and Dissertations

    Bachelor Thesis

    Supporting Renewable Energy: Lessons from the Deer Island Treatment Plant [View Thesis]

    Renewable energy in Montana: System applications and technlogy [View Thesis]

    Integration of Renewable Energy Sources Using Microgrids, Virtual Power Plantss and the Energy Hub Approach [View Thesis]

    Master Thesis

    Scarce Abundance: A critical analysis of Iceland’s renewable energy sector in times of growth’s cultural hegemony [View Thesis]

    Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Job Creation: An investigation of the South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) [View Thesis]

    Decision Making Framework and Financial Tool For Hybrid Energy System Microgrids [View Thesis]

    Facilitating Cooperative Strategy for Renewable Energy Implementation: A technology roadmap design to facilitate the development of OTEC as a premier energy source in the Caribbean [View Thesis]

    Development of a Renewable Energy Power Supply Outlook 2015 for the Republic of South Africa [View Thesis]

    Renewable Energy Transition For a Sustainable Future in Namibia [View Thesis]

    Evaluating the potential of renewable energy sources in Romania [View Thesis]

    Combining of renewable energy plants to improve energy production stability [View Thesis]

    Opportunities for a sustainable rural energy supply through renewable energies in developing countries [View Thesis]

    Modeling, Analysis and Design of Renewable Energy Nanogrid Systems [View Thesis]

    Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation

    Plug-in electric vehicles integrating fluctuating renewable electricity [View Thesis]

    Sustainable energy for developing countries: Modelling transitions to renewable and clean energy in rapidly developing countries [View Thesis]

    Challenges and opportunities for implementing sustainable energy strategies in coastal communities of Baja California Sur, Mexico [View Thesis]

    Effective Renewable Energy Policy – Empirical Insights from Choice Experiments with Project Developers. [View Thesis]

    Modelling and Optimisation of Renewable Energy Systems [View Thesis]

    Sustainable Energy Development under Uncertainty [View Thesis]

    Improving Cost-Effectiveness and Mitigating Risks of Renewable Energy Requirements [View Thesis]

    Integrating Variable Renewables into the Electric Grid: An Evaluation of Challenges and Potential Solutions [View Thesis]

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