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    Biofuel Theses and Dissertations

    Bachelor Thesis

    Jatropha as Biofuel: An Analysis of the Possible Implications for Food Security in Mali [View Thesis]

    Master Thesis

    Development of Biofuel Technology in Indonesia [View Thesis]

    Microalgae as the Third Generation Biofuel: Production, Usage, Challenges and Prospects [View Thesis]

    Explorative research on the transport biofuel market [View Thesis]

    Cost Benefit and Risk Analysis of Biofuel Production in Pakistan [View Thesis]

    Techno-Economic Assessment of Biofuel Production in the European Union [View Thesis]

    Towards a sustainable biofuel trade: an analysis of trade barriers and WTO - consistency of certification schemes for biofuels as currently being developed in the EU [View Thesis]

    Modeling the profitability of camelina sativa as a biofuel feedstock in eastern Colorado [View Thesis]

    Drop‐in Replacement Biofuels: Meeting the Challenge [View Thesis]

    Integration of biofuel production. How pyrolysis and torrefaction can be integrated [View Thesis]

    Aviation Biofuel Production in Sweden: An Insight into the Potential of Forestry Biomass as a Feedstock [View Thesis]

    Construction and analysis of a modified yeast strain for next Generation biofuel production [View Thesis]

    Impacts of biofuels development on food Security in sub-Saharan Africa [View Thesis]

    An energy analysis and characterization of safou (Dacryodes Edulis) as biofuel feedstock [View Thesis]

    Biofuel drying as a concept to improve the energy efficiency of an industrial CHP plant [View Thesis]

    Sustainable Biodiesel Production from Microalgae Cultivated with Piggery Wastewater [View Thesis]

    Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation

    Biofuels from lignin – and novel biodiesel analysis [View Thesis]

    Liquid biofuel production from volatile fatty acids [View Thesis]

    Biofuel Production in Developing Countries: A key to Sustainable Development? [View Thesis]

    Greenhouse gas emissions of biofuels: improving Life Cycle Assessments by taking into account local production factors [View Thesis]

    Measuring and moderating the water resource impact of biofuel production and trade [View Thesis]

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